Viale del Lago di Traiano, 100 - 00054 Fiumicino (RM)


Lorenzo Passaro

Head of Amministration, Finance and Controlling

Graduated in Electronic Engineering at the University of Rome "La Sapienza", after obtaining a Master's degree at NY Polytechnic, he started his work in the main Italian companies in the telecommunications sector, gaining extensive experience in the marketing sector, sales and management control. He joined the Aeroporti di Roma Group as head of the start-up of the subsidiary ADR Tel and oversaw the definition of the Business Plan, procedures and organizational processes, and then held the role of Administration and Sales Manager. From January 2022 he joined the ADR Infrastructure team as Head of Administration, Finance and Control.

Vittorio Banella

Head of Technical Service

Graduated in Architecture at “Politecnico di Milano”, he worked as a freelancer in collaboration with various architectural and engineering firms in the field of construction and infrastructure. In 2009 he joined Pavimental S.p.A and he is Site Manager on various motorway works since 2012. In 2016 he started to deal with important airport works at the “Leonardo da Vinci Airport” in Fiumicino still as Site Manager. Since January 2021 he is Head of Technical Service of ADR Infrastrutture S.p.A.

Raffaele Romano

Technical Director of Construction Sites

Graduated in Construction Engineering at the University of Naples "Federico II", he worked in various construction companies, such as CONESA, CESI and Consorzio Coop. Costruzioni gaining his own professional experience as Site Manager. In 2017 he joined Co-Opera SpA as Site Manager, also holding the position of President and Technical Director of various Consortium Companies, dealing with infrastructure and construction works. In October 2018 he joined Pavimental S.p.A. as Site Manager of the Airport Infrastructure works (Teminal Area) at the “Leonardo da Vinci” Fiumicino Airport. Since January 2021 he is Technical Director of Construction Sites of ADR Infrastrutture S.p.A.

Pasquino Stati

Technical Director of Airport Infrastructures

Graduated in Civil Engineering at the University of L'Aquila, he joined Pavimental S.p.A. in 2004, here he started to follow, as Site Manager, several important works of motorways infrastructures all over the country. In 2014, he started to deal with airport works of ​​maintenance and construction of airport civil  infrastructures as Site Manager and Project Manager. Since January 2021 he is Technical Director of Airport Infrastructures of ADR Infrastrutture S.p.A.

Leandra Ferrante

Planning and Operation Manager

Graduated cum laude in Construction and Environmental Engineering, she works in as Executive Coordination for Safety on big building and infrastructure construction sites. Later, she attended the second level Master in Business Management in Construction sector after which she did a significant experience also abroad in the sector of production plants and technological system, first as a designer, and then in the construction phase covering sites roles as Quality, Programming and Logistics. In February 2018 she joined Pavimental to deal with the planning of airport building works. Since January 2021 she is Planning and Operation Manager of ADR Infrastructure S.p.A.

Saverio Busto

Head of Legal & Procurement

After earning a degree in Law from the University of Naples "Federico II", he practices as a lawyer as a consultant for the Public Administration in the field of awarding public contracts and expropriation procedures. In 2009 he joined the Toto Group, where he provided assistance and support, first in the Tender Office and then in the Legal Office, in the negotiation, stipulation and management of procurement, subcontracting and concession contracts, as well as and in the sector of the construction of energy production plants from renewable sources, following both on-shore and off-shore projects. Since November 2021 he has been Head of Legal and Procurement of ADR Infrastructure S.p.A.

Valerio Bisegna

Management Control

Graduated in Civil Engineering at the University of L'Aquila, he began his career in the freelance sector in post-earthquake of L’Aquila. In April 2011 he joined Pavimental to manage the planning and technical office in the works of the new southern Barberino-Incisa carriageway and then converge in 2013 in the Junctions and other infrastructures area. In 2016 he was part of the TBM office in the preparation and start-up excavation phase. Since 2017 he has been dealing with Cost Control in Airport Works. Since January 2021 he is the Management Control Contact Person in ADR Infrastructure S.p.A.

Silvestro D'Errico

Head of Accounting

He has gained over thirty years of work experience mainly dealing with the accounting of civil and infrastructural works. He has worked with important national construction companies such as F.lli Cervellati Costruzioni S.p.A., CoopCostruttori S.p.A., Toto Costruzioni Generali S.p.A., Donati S.p.A and Pavimental S.p.A. participating in the construction of major construction, road, railway and airport works. Since 2014 he has held the role of accounting manager. Since January 2021 he is Head of Accounting at ADR Infrastructure S.p.A ..

Valentina Ercolani

Human Capital & Organization, Health & Safety

After graduating in Education, she began her career in the field of Human Resources in various companies, mainly dealing with Human Resources Selection, Management and Development in Ipse 2000, a telecommunications company, then she moved to Codere SpA, a gaming company and Gepin Management, a service company where she started the management of trade union relations. In September 2014 she joined Italo S.p.A. with the role of Industrial Relations Manager, gaining considerable experience in trade union negotiations and in 2019 she was also entrusted with the responsibility of Personnel Management. From October 2021 she is Head of Human Resources, Health and Safety at ADR Infrastructure S.p.A..